Weddings by JW Marriott

Artfully Selected

    Craft your experience

  • Experience I
    Symbolic ceremony
  • Experience II
    Symbolic ceremony
    Cocktail Hour
  • Experience III
    Rehearsal Dinner
    Symbolic ceremony
    Cocktail Hour

    Shape your art

  • Passionate Gems: Share this energy with your beloved’s and whisper your wishes into the passionate gems inspiration and let the magic be your guide.
  • Bohemian Dreams: This inspiration is perfect for those bohemian dreamers who expresses good vibes and true love feelings.
  • Eternal Leaves: As nature as leaves that born, grow, dries and reborn. Your love will be eternal as eternal leaves.
  • Sweet Promise: Bridal shower, bachelorette party, a beautiful white dress and a big church. A wedding with something old, new, borrow, blue and completely magical.
  • Majestic Love: Add top technology with exquisite decor to transform the atmosphere at the fullest. Like a dream, up in the sky and around the perimeter your guests will be enchanted with breathtaking visual arts.

    Spark your imagination

  • Additional décor and flower designs for reception
  • Dancefloor
  • Live Music & Entertainment
  • Lighting Design
  • And more